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Non-Invasive TONEme HIEMT Body Contouring Technology 

You've done the hard work and lost the weight. You are in shape, feel great, and are ready to show the world your perfect body. If you want to tone those few pesky areas to give you a fit look, our TONEme treatment may be the ideal option for you. TONEme uses popular HIEMT technology to help people have strong muscles and a sleek definition. This treatment option uses the latest technology and is often used on the stomach, buttocks, legs, or arms. Whip your body into shape in no time with a fast and effective muscle toning treatment. The HIEMT technology treatment option uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) to shape your body and strengthen your muscles effectively. This technology is a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment option.

Body contouring technology can help finish your look and give you the shape and definition you want. Men and women both will turn to body contouring technology to help shape their muscles. Not only will this technology help you look great, but it can make you stronger TOO, by using the MMS technology, the muscles in the abs, buttocks, legs, or arms. This treatment gives you fast results that will last. Most people notice that these specialized treatment results will last about six months but can last even longer with maintenance treatments. Get the look you have been craving from the professionals at CoolSculpting Bodies. We are happy to outline your options, show you how the technology works, and get you well on your way to booming confidence and a sleek figure.

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