Combine Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatments TONEme & COOLSculpting to Maximize Results-

The Benefits of TONEme & COOLSculpting Together.

that's called PowerSculpt !

The benefits of having TONEme and CoolSculpting performed together include:

  • Achieve a more toned physique with improved muscle and minimized fat.

  • Build more muscle mass through magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS)

  • Safe, nonsurgical and noninvasive.

While TONEme tones the body through MMS waves, CoolSculpting uses fat-freezing technology that helps the body naturally eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat and bulges. TONEme and CoolSculpting are for both men and women that are looking to make subtle BUT impactful differences to their bodies that simply aren’t achievable through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

If your gym routine and healthy diet aren’t enough to trim down those pesky fat pockets, or if your muscles simply aren’t responding as quickly as you’d like to resistance treatments, contact us at CoolSculpting Bodies to get started with a nonsurgical body contouring consultation. We customize are body contouring treatments to get  YOU the best results.

Get a Better Body with No Needles, No Supplements, and No Surgery.